Sunday, 12 October 2014

Planet Of The Apes Revisited

A new edition of the wonderful Planet Of The Apes Revisited is due soon. You can checkout their Facebook page here

From Publishers Weekly: 
Fans of the 1968 sci-fi film classic Planet of the Apes and its four sequels (plus two short-lived TV shows) will be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive, authoritative and entertaining guide to late producer Arthur P. Jacobs's ape empire. With access to Jacobs's files, the authors detail the several drafts of each screenplay, chronicle day-by-day shooting schedules and create an exhaustive behind-the-scenes history of the epic series. During the book's 15-year gestation, the authors were able to interview virtually every actor, director, producer, writer, production designer, makeup artist and composer on each film. Even those who are familiar with the series (or saw the 1998 AMC documentary Behind the Planet of the Apes) will glean new knowledge from amusing first-hand recollections of Roddy McDowall (who starred in four of the films, as well as the live-action TV show) and Natalie Trundy (Jacobs's widow, who acted in four of the films). Apes star Charlton Heston, who wrote the book's introduction, proves a sharp interviewee and allowed the authors to quote liberally from his daily journals.
Likewise, memos from Rod Sterling (who scripted the original film and helped with the TV show) are illuminating. Made on ever-decreasing budgets, each film in the series turned a profit and remains enjoyable, both as pop entertainment and for its political, social commentary and allegorical treatment of race relations (particularly the violent Conquest of the Planet of the Apes and its Watts riots reenactments). Rare b&w photos throughout, with a 16-page color insert. Agent, Christopher Schelling. (Aug. 6)

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