Friday, 17 October 2014

Planet Of The Apes: The TV Series 40th Anniversary

The Planet Of The Apes TV series was first broadcast in the UK 40 years ago this week. As we all know, the initial run was supposed to be 24 episodes, but the series was cancelled due to poor ratings after only 14 episodes. 

Episodes, in original airdate order:
1. Escape From Tomorrow
2. The Gladiators
3. The Trap
4. The Good Seeds
5. The Legacy
6. Tomorrow's Tide
7. The Surgeon
8. The Deception
9. The Horse Race
10. The Interrogation
11. The Tyrant
12. The Cure
13. The Liberator
14. Up Above the World So High

Among the episodes that were written, but never filmed, are Hostage, A Fallen God, The Trek, Freedom Road, The Mine and The Trial. The scripts for some of these unproduced episodes can be found here.

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