Saturday, 14 February 2015

Apes On Set: Filming Cornelius And Zira (1977) Part 4

More behind the scenes photos from the making of our Apes epic of the 70s. Pictured: Jackie Lawrence, David Barclay, Gary Cook, Andy Dumbleton, Jim Wesley.

The cave entrance: painted cartridge paper, used as a foreground miniature.

Jackie (Zira) and Gary (Milo) with Hopkirk the horse between takes. Lippits Hill.

Between takes: Jackie (left) watches as Dave and cameraman Andy Dumbleton enjoy much-needed refreshments. Lippits Hill.

Between takes: Gary (left) and Andy (with the monster flares). Lippits Hill.

Dave and cameraman Jim Wesley set up a shot for the cave scene at Forest Road.

Between takes at Forest Road: Jim and Gary (Milo)

Gary (Milo) on the cave set. Cameraman is Jim Wesley.

Dave as Cornelius

Ape City sketch by Dave

Gary as Milo. Lippits Hill.

Gary, Jackie, Andy. Lippits Hill.

The Zaius's Office set. Plaster on hardboard for the wall surfaces, chair back and desk top. Forest Road. The office set was later painted black and re-used as Milo's cave.

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