Monday, 10 August 2015

Mark Lenard: Urko

Mark Lenard (born Leonard Rosenson in Chicago, Illinois on 15th October 1924, died in New York, New York on 22nd November 1996) is best known by Apes fans as the ruthless gorilla general Urko in Planet Of The Apes: The TV Series (1974). Outside the Apes universe he's known for his appearances across the Star Trek series, primarily as the Vulcan Ambassador Sarek. He also appeared in episodes of Hawaii 5-0, Gunsmoke, In The Heat Of The Night, The Wild Wild West and Mission: Impossible. His film appearances include Annie Hall, The Greatest Story Ever Told and Hang 'Em High. Among his stage appearances was the role of a middle-aged Huckleberry Finn alongside his Star Trek crewmate Walter Koenig in The Boys In Autumn.

Mark Lenard

Lenard as Sarek

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