Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Conspiracy Of The Planet Of The Apes (2011)

Drew Gaska's excellent illustrated novel, which put succulent flesh on a lot of bones. Beautifully illustrated by the cream of science fiction artists. Here are some of those illustrations. If you haven't read it, you must. It's currently available on Amazon in the UK and US, and here

Cover art by Jim Steranko

Andrew Probert Paradox

Dan Dussault Power Struggle

Ken Kelly Rage

David Seidman Humanity

Brian Rood Strategy Games

Chandra Free Ashes To Dust

Erik Gist Tomb Guardian

Sanjulian Resurrection

Dave Dorman Leap Of Faith

Dan Dussault The Bridge To Ape City

David Hueso The Forbidden Zone I

David Hueso The Forbidden Zone II

David Hueso The Forbidden Zone III

David Hueso The Forbidden Zone IV

David Hueso The Forbidden Zone

Leo Liebelman The Song

Colo The White Ones

Barron Storey The Beast, Man

Joe Jusko Tagged

Erik Gist  Complications

Chris Skalf Peeping Ape

Brian Rood Trophies

Matt Busch Cornelius

Matt Busch Dr Galen

Matt Busch Dr Milo

Matt Busch Landon

Matt Busch Marcus

Matt Busch Taylor

Matt Busch General Ursus

Matt Busch Dr Zaius

Complications rough sketch

Resurrection rough sketch

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