Wednesday, 23 June 2021

The Tyrant (1974) Part 6

Roddy McDowall as Galen 
Ron Harper as  Virdon
James Naughton as  Burke
Mark Lenard as Urko
Percy Rodrigues as Aboro
Michael Conrad as Janor
Joseph Ruskin as Daku
James Daughton as Mikal
Klair Bybee as Sam
Gary Combs as gorilla driver
Ron Stein as gorilla guard
Tom Troupe as Augustus
Tom McDonough as gorilla trooper
Ron Troncotty as gorilla sergeant
Eldon Burke as road guard


The Tyrant, together with The Gladiators, was adapted as Planet Of The Apes #4: Lord Of The Apes by George Alec Effinger, and published by Award Books.

This episode formed the second half of the third TV movie Treachery And Greed On The Planet Of The Apes (paired with The Horse Race), originally broadcast in 1981.

The eleventh episode to be broadcast (22nd November in the USA, 22nd December in the UK), this was the thirteenth episode filmed, chronologically, according to the Production Code.

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