Monday, 5 January 2015

Apes On Set: Filming Cornelius And Zira (1977) Part 3

Behind the scenes on our own 8mm science fiction epic. Jackie Lawrence, David Barclay, Gary Cook, Ernest Morris and Frank Seymour. Some shots are taken from a fifth-generation source, which is why the quality isn't tip-top.

Jackie in the makeup lab

On location at Lippits Hill: Gary on horseback, foreground Dave, Jackie in the middle

Frank as Aboro on set

The Lawgiver statue, made by Dave

Frank Seymour as Aboro

Ape City, sculpted by Dave

Cornelius (Dave Barclay) and Zira (Jackie Lawrence)

Cornelius (Dave Barclay)

Cornelius (Dave Barclay) and  Milo (Gary Cook)

Zira (Jackie Lawrence), Urko (Gary Cook) and Cornelius (Dave Barclay)
("Urko" does not appear in the final film.)

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