Friday, 6 January 2017

Play-Mate Of The Apes

Play-Mate Of The Apes is a 2002 erotic pastiche loosely "based" on the Planet Of The Apes series. It stars Misty Mundae as Commander Gaylor, Darian Caine as Uvula, Debbie Rochon as Dr Cornholeous, Anoushka as Lt Pushkintucushkin, Sharon Engert as Lt Fornication and Shelby Taylor as the Barbarian Queen and featuring John Link as The Missing Link. Written and directed by John Bacchus.

Debbie Rochon as Dr Cornholeous

Dan Schwab as Dr Kweera (with the pink fur).

Play-Mate Of The Apes was released on DVD in February 2002.

The astronauts in this version are all female, and very horny.

Special makeup by Christine Domaniccki and Michael R. Thomas.

The comic book adaptation was distributed with the tenth-anniversary re-release of Play-Mate Of The Apes on DVD. More here.

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