Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Up Above The World So High (1974) Part 11

The final set of screenshots from the final episode of Planet Of The Apes.

Roddy McDowall as Galen
Ron Harper as Virdon
James Naughton as Burke
Mark Lenard as Urko
Booth Colman as Zaius
Joanna Barnes as Carsia
Frank Aletter as Leuric
Martin E. Brooks as Konag
William Beckley as council orang-utan
Ron Stein as gorilla guard
Eldon Burke as second trooper
Glenn Wilder as human driver


This episode formed the second half of the fifth TV movie Farewell To The Planet Of The Apes (paired with Tomorrow's Tide), originally broadcast in 1981.

The final episode to be broadcast (6th / 20th December in the USA, 19th January 1975 in the UK), this was also the fourteenth and final episode filmed, chronologically, according to the Production Code.

poster by Dave Ballard


And thus ends the saga of Planet Of The Apes. As we now know, Virdon and Burke eventually found their computer in another city and disappeared into space as suddenly as they’d arrived.

This final instalment marks the end of a labour of love for your humble host. There are 440 animated screenshots across the 11 weeks of Up Above The World So High - the most out of all fourteen episodes - and a total of over three and a half thousand for the entire series, created in a mad four-month period in the spring and summer of 2019.

I hope you've enjoyed reliving those wide-eyed days of 1974 when Sunday evenings were anticipated with bated breath, and Mums and Dads were shushed into silence.


post-footnote: that's not the end of Archives Of The Apes, though. The Apes will be back as usual this coming Saturday for a look behind the scenes of Planet Of The Apes (1968). See you then!

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