Saturday 6 July 2024

Os Trapalhões No Planalto Dos Macacos - The Brazilian Planet Of The Apes (1976)

Brazilian comedy troupe The Tramps ("Os Trapalhões") appear in this 1976 Planet Of The Apes spoof. Starring Renato Aragão, Baiaco, Renato Bastos, Vera Capua, Mussum and Milton Carneiro. Written by Renato Aragão, Domingos Demasi, Victor Lustosa, Dedé Santana and J.B. Tanko. Produced and directed by J. B. Tanko. 

IMDb reviewer Local Parody has this to say about the film:

This movie is a spoof of Planet Of The Apes (1968) and follows the storyline of the original step by step - in spite of being a crazy parody of the original film. A group of men lands in a balloon on an area (it's not a planet, it's more like a hill) where talking apes rule and humans are slaves. The apes try to transform the guys into monkeys; a simian princess falls in love with one of them; and so on. This film is one of several movies made for the popular Brazilian group "Os Trapalhões" - Didi (Renato Aragão), Dedé, Mussum and Zacharias - in the Seventies, all of then inspired by American blockbusters. It's a very fun entertainment, but the humour is very "local" to be understood in other countries. Oh, yeah, the ape "makeup" is terrible, but that's part of the fun. The movie don't take itself seriously.

The makeup isn't that bad. Much better than the Japanese version, at least.

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